Whistle Software Information

Whistle Software is a browser plug-in that causes a significant number of pop-up advertisements.   This adware application is often installed by unsafe websites or ad-supported software.

If you’re thinking you can live with the minor annoyance, you need to know that these advertisements over time can slow down your PC’s performance as it takes up your system’s resources.  It usually starts out with, “Boy my PC is taking forever to load,” until the time that it doesn’t load at all.  If you have been infected with this adware you may notice altered settings on your desktop, and even mysterious links to your Favorites menu.  In addition, unwanted toolbars and BHOs are also a sign that your PC is being taken over by Whistle Software or some other form of spyware.

Like many other forms of adware, it is important to remove Whistle Software as soon as possible to prevent severe damage to your computer.   If your technical experience consists of pushing the power button, it is not recommended that you attempt manual removal.  Instead, try SpyZooka spyware removal software.  Not only does SpyZooka offer a 100% guarantee, but you also get 24/7 protection against all future threats.   Your PC is an investment, and if you’re like many of us, you don’t have money to throw away.  Scan your PC for free to avoid permanent damage or costly repairs.

WhistleSoftware contents:
%system%whistlehelper.dll  %windows%systemwhistlehelper.dll


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