When a computer becomes infected with the Win32.ByShell spyware, it has been attacked by what is known as a Backdoor Trojan.  This kind of program is designed to get around standard computer security by appearing to be something else, and then unloads a full complement of problems once it has obtained access.

Recommended Action:
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Manual Removal:

In order to avoid causing more problems than solutions, it is often recommended that average computer users avoid trying to remove the Win32.ByShell program manually.  This is because the removal requires elimination of every related running process and connected file, which can be a challenge for anyone who is not a computer security professional. Those who are in any way unsure about managing this process can turn to anti-spyware programs like SpyZooka, from ZookaWare Company, which offers guaranteed removal and a sterling track record.

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  1. Barry Rosevelt says:

    Thanks for this awesome posting. My computer was infected with Win32.ByShell and thanks to this tool, I saved a lot of time.

  2. Laurette g. says:

    I really trust spyzooka when it comes to removing the spyware/malware. Best software ever!

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