One of the most dangerous types of spyware is known as Backdoor Trojans, and the Win32.Cakl!IK is one of this family of malicious programs.  These files present themselves as something that they are not, so that they can bypass standard computer security features and infect a machine with their payload of problems.  These may include a complete loss of files (or even the entire hard drive), or other unpleasant consequences.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once


Manual Removal:
Some very computer-savvy users may choose to manually remove the Win32.Cakl!IK – which requires the careful elimination of every one of the processes and files related to the spyware.  That can be a tall order!

For many users without this experience, automatic spyware removal programs are the answer to remove Win32.Cakl!IK, as well as other spyware found on the computer system.  SpyZooka, from ZookaWare Company, is one of the most trusted spyware removal programs, guaranteeing satisfactory results.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Spyzooka did pretty fast scanning and found few items I should have removed.I like this program!

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