Win32.Chyopic is a backdoor Trojan program with the ability to enter your system in a variety of ways.  It can lurk in peer-to-peer file sharing sites or other file sharing programs.  It can also sneak in through an infected e-mail.  Once you have been infected, it will open a “backdoor” which will make it possible for a hacker to enter, as well.  This is extremely dangerous.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once



Manual Removal:
You can remove Win32.Chyopic by manually killing all running processes and then by searching for and removing any related files.

Because manual removal has its difficulties and risks, it may be safer to go with an automatic program that will rid you of all spyware and not just Win32.Chyopic.  SpyZooka is a trusted spyware remover that has been used to remove countless amounts of spyware programs and is backed by numerous awards.  For safe removal, use SpyZooka.

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2 Responses

  1. Renata Osia says:

    Just installed spyzooka a few days ago and everything works very good…

  2. Alice Goddard says:

    I feel very confident in the use of this antispyware. I can rest assured that SpyZooka is doing it’s job.

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