Win32.Complod can be characterized as a backdoor Trojan.  This means it can gain access to your system through surreptitious means and can stay there undetected for a long time until removed.  Backdoor Trojans allow an attacker to enter through a backdoor and can use your computer for a variety of malicious purposes.  It will affect most Windows operating systems and must be removed manually or with a software program.

Recommended Action:
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Manual Removal:
To clear Win32.Comando from your system, you will need to stop all running processes and then remove any remaining related files.   SpyZooka, however, is an effective spyware remover that is safe and will automatically eliminate Win32.Complod in addition to any other malware you may have currently infecting your system.  SpyZooka has a special system that seeks out new spyware programs so you know the program is up to date and will get the job done right.

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  1. Nelson L. says:

    SpyZooka is very fast, easy to use and I had no problem with my computer since the install. It works great!

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