While there are a lot of useful things that come from China, Win32.Nbdd is not one of them.  Using stealth techniques to infiltrate your system, Win32.Nbdd will exploit vulnerabilities that currently exist on your PC.

With a MD5 file of  0xBE3EB6725B05228AB6ADE0C4E397B0B1, Win32.Nbdd will stop at nothing to get a hold of your personal information.  Falling under the category of backdoor Trojan, this pest will be able to add or delete files, capture keystrokes and even turn your computer on and off!


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Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Security is your main goal and manual removal, while difficult, can be achieved by carefully locating all files, folders and processes related to Win32.Nbdd.  Once they have been identified, you will need to kill the processes and then delete all the files and folders.

If this task seems a bit arduous, you are not alone in your thinking!  Manual removal is not for the timid.  For faster and safer removal, there is SpyZooka.  With SpyZooka, you have a superior anti-spyware application with the experience needed to eliminate all threats from your system permanently.  SpyZooka also offers an excellent 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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  1. Charlie Hilton says:

    SpyZooka does what it is supposed to do. My computer is working more smoothly without any more freezing and re-starting. Recommended.

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