WinCleaner 2009

WinCleaner2009 is a corrupt tool made by creators of ASC-AntiSpyware and Win Antivirus Vista/XP malwares. It is a rogue security program that shows false warning messages. It also shows misleading scan Results, a rogue anti-malware software from the same developers as Win Antivirus Vista/XP and ASC-AntiSpyware.WinCleaner2009 is also known as WinCleaner2009 v.3.0.21. The name makes no difference in this case: Win Cleaner 2009 is a malicious program and it shouldn’t be trusted. This particular rogue uses false advertising, exaggerated results, and Trojans to promote itself. The engine behind WinCleaner2009 is the open source security engine called ClamWin.

WinCleaner2009 is designed like a security tool, but it is unable to scan a computer or to delete infections. The reports of nonexisting infections are made to scare people in such way that they perform to the paid version of the tool. Once the computer is infected, it will slow down the performance, will repet scans, warnings, and you iy will show web sites on your desktop.

WinCleaner2009 is promoted as a security tool and is more often installed secretly by trojans such as Zlob and false video codecs, but it can also be installed manually by the victim. Making its way onto your computer is the first step. When your computer is infected, it will immediatley displays security warnings. Alerts and system scans stating that the computer is heavily infected are displayed.

To make matters worse, this program also utilizes trojans that will display fake alerts on your computer’s desktop that try to convince you that you are infected. WinCleaner2009 is set to start automatically when your computer starts. Once running, it will scan your computer and list a large amount of infections, but some of these “infections” are actually legitimate Windows files. Then, WinCleaner2009 ask you to purchase the program in order to remove them and protect your computer. Don’t trust WinCleaner2009 and don’t erase items supposedly detected by that program. WinCleaner2009 is a malware and it’s not capable of scanning a machine.

In reality, though, none of these files are infected, but are only being shown to scare you into purchasing their software. If the user is tricked by WinCleaner2009’s scare tactics, it is time to move to the final step in the scam: asking for money to remove the infection. It claims to be able to remove the infection it detected, but it will not do so, not free of charge anyway. The user will pay for a fake security software application to remove a phony infection. WinCleaner 2009 may cause computer slowdown, disable media players and may even cause total system disordering.
WinCleaner2009’s tactics should not be taken to heart as they are all fake messages and scan results, is pretty much useless for detect or removal of malware. WinCleaner2009 or Win Cleaner 2009 must never be used to clean your system and should never be purchased under any circumstances. The only thing the user should do is remove the WinCleaner2009 rogue from his system.

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  1. Charles N. says:

    I run a home business and I depend on my computer. If it doesn’t work, I lose money and customers. I know Wincleaner is a well known scam and I can’t belive I fell for it. I clicked on an ad on some obscure website and next thing I know is my screen was full of popups and fake scans. Getting rid of wincleaner wasn’t as easy as installing it though, but thanks to Spyzooka I can use my pc again. The support team was very helpful and I want to say a big thanks to them too.

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