WinSpywareProtect – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

WinSpywareProtect comes to your computer purporting to save you from spyware, when in fact it will be responsible, if allowed, for bringing lots more of the damaging spyware, adware and malware to your machine than you even thought possible. WinSpywareProtect is one of those rogue antispyware programs that are secretly installed on your computer. They then proceed to try and convince you that you are in desperate straits and that you need their help, specifically by purchasing their premium antispyware upgrade so that you may avoid the inevitable disaster that awaits you if you don’t do this.

Of course, this is all a scam, and if you fall for it and download their software solution, you’ll have even more problems to deal with than before. Now you’ll have paid for the privilege of downloading spyware and malware onto your own computer! Not only that, much of what arrives next is a lot worse than anything that came before, and it can include little beasts like keyloggers, which can record your every keystroke and transmit that information out to third party servers, which can do wonders for your financial life. Like, you’re wondering what happened to it!

No, you need to evict WinSpywareProtect from your computer as soon as you’re aware it’s there, and that won’t be long. If left alone it will pester you with annoying popups, use your system resources up, and likely do the data damage we talked about previously.

To get rid of this one, don’t think you can go it alone! There are just too many files and variables for you to find them manually. Instead use trusted antispyware software like SpyZooka, which will get all traces of WinSpywareProtect off your machine in no time!

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