XPert Antivirus Will Harm Your Computer

Your computer and you deserve better than XPert Antivirus.  This rogue anti-spyware program will pretend to help you scan and remove any malicious software (malware) you have on your computer.  However, XPert Antivirus cannot scan or remove any kind of software.  Truth be told, it was created only to download malware onto your computer to scam you out of your money and slow down your computer.

In fact, you will know when you have malware because it slows down your computer so much that it is hard to get it to function properly.  So, XPert Antivirus will claim that you are already infected when you encounter it, but this is most likely not true.  Malware does not do a great job of hiding its presence to your computer.  You may not be able to see exactly where the malware is hiding on your computer, but your computer will function so poorly that you can usually guess that something is wrong.

When XPert Antivirus tries to scare you into believing that your computer is in trouble, you should know that this is probably not the case.  That being said, if you do get stuck with this nasty little program on your computer, you should know some basic things about it.

XPert Antivirus will pop up onto your computer while you are online and scare you into opting to click “Ok” for their free scan of your system.  If they scare you into believing that you have malware already, then you will use their software to check.  This scan is a fake.  The results will just be a list of your temporary files.  XPert Antivirus will claim that these programs are infected and are a danger, but they are not.  Remember, this program cannot actually perform a real malware scan on your computer.

However, if you click “Ok” on this free scan, this gives XPert Antivirus the access it needs to download onto your computer without your knowledge.  So, while you are looking at the scan being performed, you are being infected with Xpert’s  malware.  Once the free scan is completed, you will be given the option to buy the full version of the “antivirus,” which claims to be able to remove the malware they have found.  This is simply not possible. This program cannot remove malware.

Also, you run the risk of XPert Antivirus logging your key strokes and lifting your credit card information from online forms and the like.  You need to get rid of XPert Antivirus the moment you lay eyes on it.  Getting rid of it quickly can lessen the chances of this malware stealing your information.

Sometimes you can go to your start menu and simply remove a program.  This is not the case with this type of malware.  You need help from your friends at Spyzooka.  Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee on their services and can assure you that XPert Antivirus will be taken care of for you.  Do not stress out over trying to remove it yourself—let the REAL experts handle it!

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