Xpertantivirus is an “Xpert” Rip-off

Xpertantivirus is a big sham. It’s yet another corrupt security tool. It pretends to be a legitimate antivirus program, when it’s actually a program that uses spyware technology to rip off Internet users.

It’s not precisely spyware itself, because there is additional software involved that is geared towards getting a user’s credit card number. It’s because of this that not only are these rogue security tools different than spyware, they’re more patently malicious to the user, since it’s at best a rip-off, and at worst, it’s identity theft.

Rogue software lurks on the Internet at infected websites and in infected downloads. The websites are most often fake pornographic sites, supposedly gambling oriented ones, or disguised as online pharmacies. Every malicious security tool also has a home page, where users can get infected. In fact, an infection at one of the other sites will often redirect the user to the malware’s home page.

Unfortunately, for many people, the only way to know that a site is infected is if their antispyware program recognizes the site as being infected and doesn’t allow them on it. Very seldom do the layouts of these websites raise an alarm.

The downloads are often easier to avoid than the websites. You can get a corrupt security tool infection by peer to peer file sharing and downloading pirated material. Internet piracy should be avoided at any rate, since besides the risks of infection, it’s illegal. If a user somehow manages to avoid getting infected by Viruses, Worms, Trojans and corrupt security tools, there’s still the matter of dealing with the possibility of the FBI coming over to arrest you. No free software is worth that!

Despite all the different varieties of corrupt security tools, the infections all go down about the same way. First, the user clicks an infected button. Immediately, a “warning screen” pops up to tell the user that their computer is infected. It will often also show a running tally of “infected files” that it has found which increases at high speed. These infected files are in all reality only the temporary files that track the users browsing habits. They’re harmless, unless they get in the wrong hands.

After it’s done counting these files and putting the user in a panic, it will tell them that they should download the full version of this program to clean up this so-called infection. The problem is that the infection was caused by the program now asking you for your money!

It implies that you can accept or decline this offer, but it doesn’t go away if you turn it down. It effectively holds your computer hostage to pressure you into saying “Yes.” At this point, you should turn off your computer and get a real antispyware program.

SpyZooka is just the program you need. We keep up with all the new events in the world of spyware. Once a new website or a new spyware definition is released, we know about it and have a fix within minutes. Actually, YOU have the fix within minutes.

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