XpShield – No Protection Here!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back out into cyberspace, you find that your computer has come down with a bad case of XpShield, a rogue antispyware program that will try and use scare tactics to frighten the unsuspecting computer user into buying a software to fix all their supposed spyware problems, that it has just “discovered” by completing a preliminary “scan” of their computer. This of course is a scam, and the results of the scan are in fact bogus, and the real culprit here is the program XpShield itself. It is trying to get your money pure and simple, and when it manages to find a willing victim, it will cause even more problems by downloading even more spyware, adware and malware onto their machine, some of it entirely more debilitating than XpShield would ever be!

Also, this thing will drain your system resources to the point where you won’t be able to do anything. It will hijack your browser, and you won’t be able to get the popups form appearing. You can’t seem to delete the pages you are seeing, and you seem to have little choice but to click on the ads to see if you can escape from the next page, which takes you even further into the morass!

Removing XpShield from your machine is no piece of cake, either. It will resist attempts to delete it, and is quite adept at hiding copies of itself within your system files. Moreover, it can recreate itself after being seemingly deleted, so you’re back to the drawing board once again.

Save yourself a lot of time, anxiety and frustration by opting instead to use proven antispyware software like SpyZooka. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and can be counted upon to remove and destroy all elements of XpShield and its nefarious friends from your computer once and for all!

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