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Adware.YellowPages is an adware program that installs a search bar through Internet Explorer.  Yellow Pages must be manually installed. However, there are known programs that have Adware.YellowPages within them; when installed, you may unknowingly download Yellow Pages as well.  This program cannot be uninstalled via the control panel’s Add/Remove Programs list.

The name sounds familiar, but it is not associated with the telephone directory in any way, although it does try to  exploit the directory’s name.  Using such a common and popular name as means of promoting a toolbar is clever, but still sneaky.  Yellow Pages offers to help you make web searches and, as you would imagine, help you find names, addresses and phone numbers as well.

As with many bogus toolbars, Yellowpages follows suit.  It is usually downloaded under misleading circumstances or bundled with legit, but other ad-supported software.  Once the toolbar is installed, Yellowpages installs a Browser Helper Object that creates a toolbar.  This toolbar offers streamlined and particular search capabilities, but it may have some functional use.  The flipside to this toolbar is that it uses the information submitted into the search field for advertising purposes to display ads on your desktop in the form of pop-up.

In addition, Yellowpages performs silent updates and can hijack your Internet browser, causing redirects of your home page.  It also uses excessive system resources, which can cause your computer to slow down and even crash.

Many people wonder how Yellowpages got onto their system to begin with.  The most common way is through file sharing or P2P Network sharing websites.  Although these sites have become very popular to get free movies, music, and even software applications, this is the easiest way for adware to get onto your computer, as it is often bundled with other software.

Also Known As:





Relative file contents:

msvcrta.dll, stiebar.dll,


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