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Some malware program developers have some nerve. There is a breed of Internet parasite out there called rogue antispyware. It pretends to be an actual antispyware program, but it’s actually the problem. It will hijack your computer. It will put you in a false state of alarm. It will try to swindle you out of your money. For all that, it won’t fix anything at all. Xpprotector2009 is one of these programs, and it’s even more devious for pretending that it is part of your packaged software.

There are certain Internet browsing habits that come with an element of risk. Regardless of legal and moral considerations, some users will actually put themselves in dangerous territory and make themselves targets of rogue antispyware. Browsing for pornography, peer to peer file sharing, and downloading pirated software are some of the primary means that some people open themselves up to these attacks.

There are other sorts of targets too. Even though advances in website rating technology are starting to minimalize this sort of attack, it still exists. I’m referring to websites disguised as antispyware websites. If you’re reading this article now, you are probably shopping for some antispyware programs, and are a potential target.

These sites often look professional, and unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if they’re malignant until you actually get infected. They will universally have an option for a free online scan of your system, or will have a free trial version that you can download. Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish nefarious from legitimate websites, since many of them, including mine, have the same thing. The difference comes when you actually click the button.

Many rogue antispyware programs will combine the two approaches to infection. In either case, it all starts with the click of a button, whether it involves downloading a porno video, an illegal copy of a movie, or a trial version of a bogus antispyware program. The first thing that happens in any case is that a “warning screen” will pop up and begin counting supposed malware files on your computer. It will then say that it can remove all these files if you buy the full version of their software. It may redirect you to its official website. Even if you select the “No” button when it asks if you want to download the full version, it won’t let you leave the screen until you click “Yes.”

Don’t panic, there is another option. You can always turn your computer off. Granted, your computer is still infected, but at least you haven’t given them your credit card information. That would have spelled disaster for your credit card account. Spend your money on an actual antispyware program.

I recommend SpyZooka not just because it’s my software. I created SpyZooka so that it would provide the best protection out there, and that it would continue to do so. Every day, new malware definitions are released on the Internet. We scour the Internet 24/7 so we can stay on top of these bugs. Within minutes of a spyware’s release, we have developed a fix for it. That’s our 100% removal guarantee at work. Also, with SpyGuard, you may never even encounter rogue programs.

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