Love Your Computer

We take the headache out of PC maintenance
and security so you can love your computer!
Carl Haugen Carl Haugen CEO/Founder

"People First"

"Cyberlab was founded in 2004 with the core principle of always taking care of people first."

Profit First vs People First

Profit focused companies increase profits by making their software harder to use, with less features and more bugs. Here's how...

You may have visited an antivirus or PC optimizer website with a prominent ad offering you a "free diagnosis" of your computer after calling a phone number. That call is answered by an outsourced salesman, often in another country, who remotely connects to your computer to exaggerate your computer problems while explaining how the only hope is to buy their remote support for $250. Typically 25% of callers buy this scheme while the software company typically gets a 40% comission on remote support sales.

The same scheme happens after you purchase their software. Its difficult to activate and they display a phone number to call for "activation help". Your call leads to the same remote support sales pitch.

Those same profit focused companies make an inferior product more profitable by selling software that doesn't fix your problem or has bugs to increase phone calls to their support phone number. Support phone calls are answered by an outsourced salesman who provides support for numerous software companies. Lacking knowledge about the software their sole goal is to sell remote support. The software company receives the support service for free plus a 40% comission for each $250 remote support sale.

Profit focused companies use someone else's code and simply rebrand it. Then change their website address or product name after the online reviews get too negative.

We're different...

We don't sell remote support. All phone numbers lead to Cyberlab employees. We don't outsource support.

Our goal is software so perfect remote support is obsolete.

People first means we continually improve Cyberlab while being 100% ad free!

At Cyberlab you're provided a download link to your fully activated software after purchase.

Proprietary software is coded by us and supported by us.

American based support solves your questions while using your feedback to help our company continuously improve your software and your support.

Hippocrates "First do no harm" Hippocrates

Coded With Precision

We prevent harm while improving our code and your computer...

Proprietary cloud based artificial intelligence runs 24/7 on all operating systems Cyberlab supports automatically finding bugs and fixes immediately.

Cyberlab anonymously reports bugs worldwide. Reported bugs are fixed.

New software versions are tested. The goal: break it, cause bugs, review every word, fix what's confusing, make it easier to use, figure out how to make your computer run faster and better. Improvements are done.

When you send us a great idea, we do it!

New software versions are released after they pass our rigorous process.

Cyberlab is compatible with your favorite antivirus software and all your other progams.

Strict hiring practices assure we solely hire engineers with vast experience and top technical degrees.

Henry Ford "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business." Henry Ford

People Supported Not Rules

Support department's only rule: do everything possible to help you.

We spend as long as it takes. Apologize when we're wrong. When something is broken we fix it.

Your support is from USA based Cyberlab employees.

Call, email, live chat or contact us on Facebook. With your permission we can remotely access your computer.

Contact us through your favorite contact method and be assured you're reaching support not sales.

"Securing and Optimizing Your Computer is My Passion"

"My passion for computers started at 13 years old when I coded my first computer game. As a gamer, I love figuring out how to speed up and optimize computers for the competitive advantage everyone loves!

My passion for security was fueled in graduate school where my focus was detection and removal of the most difficult malware, rootkits. I know how the bad guys get your data and hack into your computer. So I know how to prevent it.

Cyberlab is different because instead of slowing down your computer in the name of security, we proactively ensure all potential threats are prevented while making sure your computer is fully optimized."

Bogdan Necula Bogdan Necula CTO/Co-Founder

Your Privacy Advocates

We secure your privacy like we secure your computer.

We don't sell your data or give it to anyone.

Every page of our website is secured using 256 bit encryption, the same as your bank's website.

After visiting our website we don't stalk you all over the internet with ads.

We don't bundle software in Cyberlab. We don't use Cyberlab as a sales pitch to download another program.

There's no adware, ads or spyware in Cyberlab.

Cyberlab doesn't track your software usage or mouse movements.

Cyberlab sends us anonymous bug reports which can be turned off at any time.

"Business should comply in the noblest manner with all the rules of ethics that man has devised over the centuries."

"I dream about a form of humanistic modern capitalism with strong ancient roots, where profit is made without harm or offence to anyone, and part of it is set aside for any initiative that can really improve the condition of human life: services, schools, places of worship and cultural heritage."

Brunello Cucinelli Brunello Cucinelli

Improving the World One Person at a Time

Cyberlab's minimum wage starts at 40% higher than the local minimum wage because we believe in a living wage.

We reinvest profits making our product and company better.

We desire to give away more free features than our competitors sell for a fee.

Our goal is to be #1 in everything we do. If we're not #1 in any area we're working on it.

We don't have venture capitalists or investors to make happy. We make people happy.