7000n- Not an algebraic equation you want to solve

So you decide to check your email. You open the Internet Explorer window to find that the default start page was changed to www.7000n.com. You now have been infected by the 7000n adware. 7000n is an adware that changes the default start page of your Internet Explorer to the www.7000n.com. This is a Browser Helper Object or BHO that would contact a remote serve and change the Internet Explorer settings. It is rather harmless because it only changes the default start page to the 7000n web site. But one thing is that it does not allow you to restore the standard settings again. Once the 7000n adware enters your computer system, it would drop its files in the default system directory, which you can find in the Windows folder located in drive C. It will register itself in the Windows registry as a browser add on. One thing also about this adware is that it hides from the user and stays resident in the background.

Once you find out that your computer or laptop has this particular Adware, make sure that you delete the browser add on. Delete the folders that contain files for this particular adware. Check the Add/Remove Programs folder to see if there are any folders containing this adware. If so, make sure you also delete them.

Although it is not a harmful adware, it is important that you keep your computer or laptop free from all possible adware because it may also contain spyware which can track your internet activities and see what you are doing. If other people can check your internet habits, your privacy will be compromised and other people might know what your usual transactions are. Get a copy of the ZookaWare PC Cleaner anti spyware software to ensure that everything is deleted. Scan the computer or laptop with this anti spyware software and rest assure that all the remaining scraps of spyware would be deleted leaving your computer or laptop clean.

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