Advanced XP Fixer Is Not Going to Fix Anything

In fact, Advanced XP Fixer is going to cause more problems to your computer than you ever wanted. Are you familiar with malicious spyware, or malware? If you have come into contact with Advanced XP Fixer you are. Although, you might not even know what happened, why or what the consequences are.

Advanced XP Fixer is just another one of those rogue anti-spyware programs that act as a remover of malware but are infecting you with them instead. Most of us have no idea how these malware programs or Trojan horses work. This is the biggest reason that we are afraid of our computers being infected with them. We are always afraid of the unknown. Knowledge is power, so here we go.

Trojan horses are simply computer programs that are labeled as having a specific purpose that appears to be harmless. However, the very purpose of these Trojan horses is to do wrong by you and your computer. When allowed to be installed, through as little as authorizing a pop up ad to run a free scan, will give these Trojan horses the access to your hard drive. Once they are in, you cannot find which files are corrupt and which are supposed to be there and sometimes you cannot find where they are located at all. But these programs can be made to lift your personal data. Once your personal information is given to a third party, you can be the victim of identity theft or any other myriad of problems.

So, programs like advancedxpfixer get you to approve this initial free scan to check for malware. We all want to know if we have malware on our computer, so most of us would click yes to a free scan. We all love free right? This free offer may just cost you a lot of money and wasted time. The free scan will always come up with lots of malware that you are being subjected to, so that you will be tempted to buy the full version of advanced xp fixer to get rid of your problems. Even if you do not buy the full version, just clicking the free scan will allow the program to run rampant.

It seems like such a complicated scheme right? These programs are pretending to be helpful, when they are actually very harmful. However, it is quite simple. They pray on your fear of the unknown and give themselves access to your computer in order to make money off of your ignorance. The biggest thing to know is that you almost never have a malware problem and are unaware that it is happening.

So, you must turn to trusted sites like Spyzooka to help get rid of these problems. Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee and has expertise in these tricky programs. If you attempt to get rid of these files yourself, you might have some success, but they are typically so hidden that removing all of the malware can be nearly impossible.

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