AdWare.Win32.AdRotator Good or Bad

Since the beginning of time, good and bad has been separated, the same is true for adware. How is this classified? Not all adware does these types of thing(they are more threatening). While some adware may monitor your web surfing activities for the purpose of tailoring its ad content to your tastes, it may not sell or report this information to any other party. However, it is hard to tell exactly what adware is doing with your information, and many adware programs are really spyware in disguise.
Good (or non-threatening) and bad adware can often be told apart by the way they visibly interact with your system. Good Adware: Only installs itself on your system if you give consent for it to do so; allows itself to be uninstalled, usually through the “Add/Remove Programs” section in your control panel; displays unobtrusive advertisements inside the applications that it is downloaded with; and does not collect your personal information or monitor your activities. An example is AdWare.Win32.AdRotator adware.

Bad Adware: Installs itself secretly without your consent; is difficult or impossible to uninstall; installs itself in other programs or changes your web browser settings so it can display more ads while you are surfing the internet; monitors your activities or collects your personal information and can sell this information to third parties. You will know whether your computer is affected by adware, through some signs. It is obvious that you have adware on your computer if you see advertisements in any of your applications or if you see pop-up advertisements on your desktop.

However, adware can be sneaky, and your computer may also be affected in less obvious ways too. Here is a list of ways adware can affect your computer:
Advertisements within applications, Pop-up advertisements on your desktop, Pop-up search results relating to websites you are browsing, Pop-up search results relating to keywords you type into other search pages, Pop-up search results relating to keywords you type into other search pages, New toolbars in your internet browser, New internet favorites and bookmarks. So it is up to you to judge the adware that is within your computer.

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