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Accidentally clicking a certain icon as you surf, can cause you to activate something that will give changes in your computer. Miscreant applications increase the cost of ‘free. ‘Has this ever happened to you? One day you’re browsing the Internet as normal. The next day your browser’s homepage has been changed to some off-color site and your desktop is serving up some program you don’t recall installing.
Termed adware, the Internet is filled with programs that hijack your PC for profit, most hidden inside so-called “free” downloads and pop-up ads that forcibly install software on systems with improper security configurations. This doesn’t mean that all free downloads are bad or that all pop-ups try to surreptitiously install software. It does mean, however, that you’ll want to play close attention to both the licensing agreement of free downloads and the security settings in your browser.
You are curious to find out what exactly is Adware. Generally speaking, adware is a program that installs an additional component that feeds advertising like AdWare.Win32.AdSrve.c often by delivering popup ads or by installing a toolbar in your browser. Some adware may hijack your browser start or search pages, redirecting you to sites other than intended. Unless you’re a fan of guerilla marketing, such tactics can be annoying. Worse, the mechanism that feeds the advertising can introduce system anomalies or incompatibilites that cause problems with other programs and can even disrupt the functioning of the operating system.
A hijacked start page or toolbar can be difficult to reconfigure to its original settings because adware typically integrates itself in a manner that exceeds the average user’s technical capabilities. Even more frustrating, the now present system anomalies can prevent even seasoned users from accessing the system areas they need to delete the offending program. (For tips on removing a stubborn infector, see How to Remove Adware and Spyware)
Of course, removing adware that is installed in exchange for free use of a program may violate the End User Licensing Agreement for that program. Once the adware has been successfully removed, the original free program the adware was bundled with may no longer work. It pays to read the EULA before installing any software – particularly free software that is more likely to be bundled with advertising.
Some adware is a bit more insidious than others. In order to provide targeted ad banners, Adware often contains another hidden component that tracks web usage. When this occurs, the program is no longer considered Adware but instead is termed Spyware. You should be more conscious in finding out whether what you’re downloading is a spyware or adware.

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