Aureate.b – The Clan Expands!

Aureate.b is akin to the other Aureate Spyware/Adware applications that are permeating the Web. It does what the others do: opens backdoors to your system, sends on information about your browsing habits to third party servers that use this for marketing (and who knows what else!) purposes, and generally makes your entire system incredibly unstable. The typical user infected with this pest will experience numerous system crashes, until your computer is simply taken over and refuses to do anything.

Aureate.b comes along via a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, and will set up residence all by itself, thank you, and begin connecting with unknown (to you) servers that it sells your information to. It also has the ability to download and run executable files that it gets from these servers on your computer, which is the real danger in spyware/adware applications like this. You have no idea not only who is getting your information and what type of data mining they are instituting on your machine! Not a comforting scenario!

Plus, if you try and be diligent and remove Aureate.b and all the associated programs it has invited, you’re simply wasting your time. Not only does Aureate.b set up rather staunch defenses against the average user being able to come along and delete it, it would be quite likely that you would remove something necessary in the process.

It’s a much better idea, given that you probably don’t have the expertise, desire, or patience to deal with manually removing Aureate.b and its minions from your computer, to opt for proven antispyware software such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner. Spyzooka is guaranteed to remove all traces of spyware from your machine, and it certainly beats spending weeks trying to do it yourself and then getting it wrong anyway!

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