Block BlockChecker for Good

Almost everyone has had an experience with pop up ads before, or has at least heard of them. But if you have been infected with BlockChecker, you are in for a surprise. This adware is far different from other adware that you may have heard of.

If you have been infected with BlockChecker then you have infected yourself. The only way to be infected with BlockChecker is to install a piece of software with the same name that promises to tell you who has blocked you on your MSN, AOL, or Yahoo instant messenger.

The peculiar thing about BlockChecker is that you don’t get pop up ads. Instead, the people on your friends list get pop up messages! They will receive a message that has your user name on it saying that you know who has blocked you thanks to this wonderful program. Then it includes a website where BlockChecker can be downloaded and installed.

When installed on your computer, BlockChecker registers itself as a safe program so that your firewall can’t help protect you. Then, every time that you turn on your computer and run Windows, you will be running BlockChecker.

The annoying wiles of BlockChecker must be stopped, and your computer must be cleansed of its influence, because it isn’t you that BlockChecker will be annoying with pop ups – instead, it will be everyone that you have as a friend on your instant messenger. This is worse than just you being annoyed because your friends may mistakenly become annoyed with you.

Stop BlockChecker today by buying ZookaWare PC Cleaner. With ZookaWare PC Cleaner you will be able to remove BlockChecker and any other kind of spyware that may be on your computer. You can be sure that all of it will be removed because ZookaWare PC Cleaner guarantees that 100% of all spyware will be removed from your computer. No other anti-spyware program gives this guarantee, so you shouldn’t get any other anti-spyware program. Get ZookaWare PC Cleaner and save your friends from being annoyed by BlockChecker.

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