Brave Sentry Problems?

Most computer users pay attention when their machine alerts them that spyware or other harmful files have been detected on their computer. This is especially true if the warning message looks like it has originated from a legitimate antivirus or antispyware program, whether you have one installed or not. If you see this type of warning, you may be infected with Brave Sentry.

There is a whole class of rogue antispyware software out there that piggybacks into your system on Trojans or other malware, including Brave Sentry. These programs trick you into thinking that your system has been infected with spyware. Then, they encourage you to install their special software to remove the infection.

Symptoms of Brave Sentry Infection

Brave Sentry is one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing. It pops up in a classic gray box with official-looking icons and is titled ‘Brave Sentry 2.0 Security Center’ or something similar. Below the dire warning is a file box that contains an impressive list of spyware, viruses and Trojan adware files that have been discovered on your computer. The box also offers a button to click to download an antispyware solution.

It may also display a false Windows Security Warning that your machine has been infected, which shows up in your system tray. Another symptom of Brave Sentry is limited or no connection to the Internet, with a warning that your system has been stopped to protect you from spyware. You may also see your background replaced with the so-called “blue screen of death” warning you of spyware infection.

Many people don’t look carefully enough at the warning messages to realize that they don’t come from their antivirus or antispyware program at all. If the user clicks on the download button, the door is open for chaos. A variation of SpySheriff, Brave Sentry often goes undetected by virus protection, and even some good antispyware programs have a hard time getting rid of it.

Removing Brave Sentry From Your System

Any type of malicious software that’s infected your computer can be extremely difficult to deal with and remove. It can affect your computer performance, corrupt files or hijack your Internet browser without your knowledge or permission. Furthermore, it critically compromises your security and your data.

Brave Sentry and other SpySheriff variations make it even harder to find and remove, due to the way it reinstalls itself into other locations on your computer. And simply using the Add/Remove Program function can aggravate the problem, causing system crashes and possible memory dumps.

Antispyware removal tools will detect Brave Sentry and scrub it from your system. Be sure to use only a reputable vendor, and look for security certifications on the vendor’s site. One way to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate software is to look for the BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo before purchasing. Keep your subscription up-to-date, and be sure to use the program according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. With some vigilance, and a good partnership with an anti-spyware software product like ZookaWare PC Cleaner, you can keep yourself safe.

Download ZookaWare PC Cleaner below and run a free scan to find out if you have Brave Sentry on your computer.

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  1. Sam Joel says:

    I accidenatlly got Brave Sentry on my computer at work and I wanted to remove it before my boss gets in and freaks out. My brother says its a program that tricks you into thinking you have a virus so you will buy their “antivirus”. I downloaded from home SpyZooka, take the program with me, ran a scan and it deleted the virus.
    You really saved my life!

  2. Fred H. says:

    I went to a certain website, then Brave Sentry popped onto my computer. It kept telling me that my computer is infected, but I was sure that Brave Sentry was the infection. This is why I decided to download SpyZooka and this virus was removed.
    Great software!

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