The Invisible Hand of the Browser Helper Object

A browser helper object, or BHO, are amongst the many once-useful programs on the Internet that have been stolen by hackers to be used for evil. The original browser helper object helped computer users by providing tools to aid them during web browsing. Browser helper objects are now synonymous with spyware.

As a form of malware, a browser helper object can cause many problems for a computer user. A browser helper object that is spyware controls and alters Internet Explorer. Browser helper objects generally have the following capabilities:

* Browser helper objects are able to monitor the sites you look at. Upon logging the sites the browser helper object sends back the information to the hacker who created the program. Hackers generally sell this information to advertisers who will specifically target you based on what you’ve been looking at online.

* Browser helper objects can interfere with the performance of other programs you have on. Since a browser helper object will begin running every time you start your browser, this type of spyware will almost always be getting in the way.

* Browser helper objects take control of Internet Explorer by changing your settings.

Signs of the Existence of a Browser Helper Object

Sometimes browser helper objects will run in the background of a computer system without the owner even knowing it is there. This makes detecting browser helper objects more difficult. Here are some signs to look for if you are suspicious of a browser helper object:

* Changes have been made to your desktop without your permission. This includes new icons popping up, as well as changed settings to your computer and Internet Explorer.

* Your system has slowed down considerably. This happens when a browser helper object takes control of the computer and uses up its bandwidth.

* An increased number of popups. Popups can signify that spyware has been surveiling your Internet usage.

Search and Destroy: Eliminating BHOs

One sure-fire way to avoid browser helper objects is to use an alternative web browser like Mozilla Firefox. Browser helper objects, along with most other types of spyware, are all written for Internet Explorer. By steering clear of IE, you are far less likely to encounter spyware.

Installing an antispyware program is also a good idea when it comes to fighting browser helper objects. This software will help you detect, destroy, and prevent every kind of spyware. When purchasing antispyware, there are a few things you should look for:

* 100% guaranteed spyware removal

* High-quality customer service. The company from which you buy your antispyware software should promise good customer service consisting of people who are highly knowledgeable about the program and spyware itself.

* An easy-to-use program. Good programs will be accessible to the average Joe or Jane computer owner. You should be able to easily install the program and get it up and running within minutes.

* The antispyware program should also offer regular updates. Daily updates are acceptable. In addition, the updates should be done automatically so you don’t have to do anything.

These simple precautions will help you protect your computer from the large army of browser helper objects and other spyware that lurk on the Internet. Providing your computer with 100% protection is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.

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