Websecurealert is a malware program that is part of the GAIN network, known creators of adware.  Supposedly, it “helps to protect your browser security by monitoring for unauthorized tampering with Internet Explorer’s security settings, and can help to protect your privacy by deleting your web surfing history on a regular basis.”  Websecurealert and all other Claria/GAIN products come with an End User Licensing Agreement that prohibits removal of adware components.  Claria has since stopped supporting GAIN software.

Websecurealert is a redundant program.  All browser programs, including Internet Explorer can perform the tasks that it advertises, without the addition of any non-system software.  It is completely unnecessary and potentially dangerous to download this program.

Websecurealert has spyware capabilities and can compromise your privacy, as well as your computer’s performance and stability.  It scans your temporary Internet files and sends them to a remote server in order to deliver custom advertisements.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner can quickly and easily remove Websecurealert and all its components.

Associated Files:

websecurealert.lnk, websecurealert.txt,
trickler_bic_gatorwebsecure.ini in Documents and Settings\UserName\local settings\temp\,



Registry Files:


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