DialerActiveX is an Active X control used by premium rate dialers. DialerActiveX can change your dialup connection without your knowledge, so that instead of dialing your internet service provider, your PC calls are directed to expensive international and toll numbers. These numbers, if connected, may be charged to your telephone bill.

DialerActiveX dials these numbers in order to connect to pornographic websites. It may also install malicious software, called malware or spyware, that has the potential to collect information about your online activities. Malware may also disable system files that are needed for your computer to function properly. You may experience a slow-running system, browser redirection, a changed home page and pop-up ads.

To remove DialerActiveX manually, you may check the add/remove programs in your control panel to see if it is located there. Manual removal is not recommended, because of the possibility of severe damage to your PC. To remove DialerActiveX, malware and all other parasites, use a legitimate antispyware tool such as Spyzooka which will remove these parasites automatically, and restore complete security.


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DialerActiveX does not create any files

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  1. Jenny Zent says:

    For some people that’s the easiest way to make some money, to destroy someone’s life. I got that stupid virus at the computer that I am working important projects. … I’ll have to do all the stuff again, and that will take a couple of weeks. Hope someone can destroy it permanently.
    I’m glad that a program like SpyZooka is helping me to defend my computer for now on.

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