DialPass hijacks the modem of a compromised computer in order to gain access to pornographic websites. By using your modem, DialPass dials premium numbers to connect to these sites, which will get charged to your telephone bill. These unwanted connections may then download questionable and undesirable content to the hard drive of your computer without your permission or knowledge. DialPass is also capable of installing malware on your PC, which compromises the security of your computer and personal information, and can affect the operating system.

It is recommended that you remove DialPass as soon as detected. Manual removal is not advised, but may be done by detecting and deleting all related files and values, which is a complex process. To remove DialPass automatically, use a reliable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka to restore security and prevent future infections.

Dial Pass,

Related Files:
dialer.exe access.exe

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  1. Daniel Richards says:

    I don’t know how did that happen but something change my dial up connection, so that my invoice to my internet provider was huge. I gave a scan with SpyZooka and it found DialPass. This was the second time that my invoice was so expensive, so I decided to remove this horrible virus with Spyzooka.
    Thanks to you, my computer is clean.

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