Do Not Believe Internet Antivirus

Internet Antivirus will have you believe that your computer is infected with any number of malicious software (malware) programs. This program will show up as a pop up ad. Please understand that pop up ads have no way of telling what is going on with your computer. This program is a rogue anti-spyware program that will tell everyone that they have a computer compromising software problem, just so they can get you to click on their program to have access to your computer. Once they have access to your computer they will download their own malware on your computer in order to send back your personal information that they can then use for their own profit.

When surfing online, Internet Antivirus will appear as a pop up ad warning you to check your computer for malware. Even if you ignore this the first time, you may get another pop up showing what malware you have on your computer. Again, pop up ads cannot tell if your computer is safe or not. However, if you fall for it (which so many do) not all is lost. Keep reading to understand what has happened if you did fall for it, and how to avoid these programs if you somehow avoided this catastrophe.

If you come in contact with Internet Antivirus and they tell you they will offer you a free scan to check your system, do not click ok. By clicking ok, you have given this program access to download itself onto your computer. Programs cannot download themselves onto your computer without you allowing access. Even just accepting a free scan will allow them this.

Also, the scan they are giving you is a fake. They are giving the same or similar results to every computer user. This is to persuade users to buy their full version of their program that claims to remove the malware that they claim you had already. This program cannot scan or remove malware; it can only download the malware to your computer.

Once the malware is downloaded, you will begin to notice a difference. This program will load every time you turn on your computer, and begin to give you fake notices of dangers which will slow down your computer drastically. But they are not downloading their software just to annoy you. Their program can lift your credit card information from you when you type important information into your computer, or to fill in online applications or forms. So, they are looking to make a profit off of you, without you knowing.

However, there is no need to get upset. This problem can be fixed when using the correct resources. Check out Spyzooka. Spyzooka can be your savior as they have for many others that have encountered this vicious program. They have so much experience with these programs. They offer a 100% guarantee for their services so you will not have to be worried that you will put yourself in a compromising situation again!

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