Do Not Download Nooleysystemsrogue

Nooleysystemsrogue is not to be trusted. This program is a rogue antisypware program that disguises itself as a tool to get find and get rid of malicious software (malware). In all actuality, nooleysystemsrogue cannot do either of these functions.

The reason for caution with this program and others like it, however, is that they can download themselves without your knowing. The program will show up in a pop up ad or you will come across it on the internet. It will urge you to check your computer for malware. Often, it will give you a warning screen, pretending that it can tell that you are already infected or have a high risk of infection. This program has no way of being able to tell if either of these things is true.

This warning screen will also offer you a free scan of your hard drive. Once you get the warning screen, you will have the option of clicking yes to the free scan. Do not, under any circumstance, click yes. Your clicking yes does not initiate any type of scanning. Instead, your clicking yes gives nooleysystemsrogue the access it needs to download itself to your computer. However, you will not know that it is downloading itself because it will look like it is just performing a scan. This scan, of course, is not real. The scan is composed of convincing graphics that catch programs that are vital to your computers operating system and show them as malware. They do this because most computers will have these files present. However, the scans are all fabricated and completely for show.

Even better, once the program does the free scan, it will offer to remove the problem files if you purchase their full version. However, the full version cannot remove the supposed malware as it claims. So, your money will be given directly to the creators of nooleysystemsrogue.

If you have accidentally downloaded nooleysystemsrogue, it is not the end of the world. The problem with this is that once downloaded, the program has access to your personal information and can send this back to the original programmers to use as they see fit. Even though most of us do not have our important information saved onto our computer, these programs can log your keystrokes on your computer. So, if you buy anything online or fill out any confidential forms out online, they will have record of all of these important tid bits such as your credit card number.

So, removing this program is paramount. Many assume this will only take a moment to hit uninstall. However, these programmers knew what they were doing when they created nooleysystemsrogue. This malware will hide in various temporary folders that are labeled to look like essential parts of your computer’s hard drive. In this case, you must call on the experts. Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee on their services and will leave your computer free of malware. This company has experience and will leave you satisfied.

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