Do Not Trust Win Protector

When downloading things for free on the Internet, please watch out for Win Protector.  This program, also known as WinProtector or Win Protector 3.8, is a rogue anti-spyware program that will download malicious software (malware) onto your computer.  This is the truth of the matter.  However, Win Protector would like you to believe something very different.  This program, as all rogue anti-spyware programs do, would like you to believe that it can scan and remove malware that is hiding on your computer.  Please remember when encountering such programs that they cannot actually scan or remove malware.

When you encounter Win Protector, it will most likely be because you downloaded something free, like a video codec that is needed to play some online videos.  These free downloads often carry programs like Win Protector, but do not tell you this when you download.  You will notice it on your computer immediately, because you will be bombarded with false security notices.  They will look very real, warning you that your computer is in danger and you need to do a scan of your system to find out what programs are causing trouble.  Even if you let the program scan your computer, remember that the results of this scan are often entirely made up.  The results are made up to scare you into purchasing the full version of their program to “remove” the problem programs from your computer.

The money you spend on purchasing Win Protector’s full version is just money in their pocket.  The program cannot and will not remove any programs, and remember, most likely you do not have any problem programs in the first place.  This is just a big scam.

However, the problem with Win Protector is that its purpose is to scam you out of money.  Not just the money you would waste buying the full program, but also your credit card numbers, personal information, and anything else they can steal from your computer.  Also, because of all of the security alerts, your computer will slow drastically.

So, once you notice these problems, you will need to remove Win Protector.  Please note that this program is extremely hard to remove.  This is because the program’s developers want the malware to stay so they can make as much money off of you as they possibly can.  You can attempt to remove the files yourself, although this usually proves very time consuming.

Obviously, you do not want to find a free program online to do this, because we already saw what happened when we trusted free programs off the Internet.  You need to do your research and pick a company with great recommendations and reliable experience.  Spyzooka has been removing malware from customers’ computers for quite some time.  They offer you a 100% guarantee on the work that they do.  If a company stands behind their work like this, you can be ensured that your computer will be in the right hands.  So, check out Spyzooka and get rid of your malware.

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