.Doctor.I is quack medicine

It’s a bit ironic when spyware is disguised as a spyware removal tool. These programs are very much akin to the Antivirus XP family of viruses, and they operate more or less the same way. .Doctor.I is an example of adware disguised as a spyware removal tool.

It, along with several other adware programs, goes under the alias of “Doctor Adware.”  It resides at several websites, many of whom seem credible. On the surface, the program itself seems credible, until you dig around a little. The first thing it does when you click on the “free scan” is give you a false list of spyware that it “detects” on your computer in an effort to get you to buy their product.

The most interesting thing about this program is that in many ways, it does act like an actual spyware protection program. It prevents keystroke monitoring and identity theft. It also has a limited spyware list that it operates from. If the spyware were to be removed from this program, you would essentially have a weak antispyware program.

Naturally, Doctor Adware doesn’t protect from its own spyware applications. It contains a lot of them, not just .doctor.I. It creates over 40 running files and 26 folders which bear the names of many spyware applications! In short, this is a mass infection.

So, the first clue most buyers get that this program isn’t legit is the pop ups. Like pretty much any other adware application out there, it gives itself away by displaying advertisements. If you are infected, you may notice that these ads seem to be geared specifically for you. There’s a good reason for that. Your browsing history and tracking cookies have been sent to their home database and they’ve sent you advertisements based on that information. It may not be a big deal to some people that someone they don’t know has been watching where they’ve been, but they’re not banking online or using their credit cards, either. Or did they think of that?

The other major thing that adware does is that it impairs your computer’s performance. With these running processes and communications with a remote server, your computer’s memory really takes a hit. In this case, it’s not enough that 40 files are running, but also the communication on the internet uses up your bandwidth, which affects your available memory also. The net result is that all of your applications are going to take much longer to work. Some, especially your internet browsers, will probably crash out and display error messages.

When it comes to shopping for your spyware solutions, you should be wary of whose word you can trust. The market is flooded with people who say they’re “the best” or “number one” or “top of the line.”  Some of these may even seem reputable and turn out to be hucksters. ZookaWare PC Cleaner not only claims to be the best, we deliver. Our partnership with the Better Business Bureau, even above our consistent five star ratings proves that our 100% guarantee isn’t just a sales pitch. It’s a promise.

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