FraudTool.win32.Antivirus 2009 – Beware!

Spyware – you may have heard of it, but don’t know exactly what it is. If you suspect you have it, you need to read this article to learn how to spot it and how to eliminate it. There are anti-spyware software programs to take care of this, but beware of FraudTool.win32.Antivirus 2009 – it’s a fake. To learn more about the signs and remedies for spyware, keep reading!

Spyware tracks your activities while you are online – hence the name. It usually installs itself on your pc without your consent. Since it does track you, not only is your computer at risk but your personal business information as well. This is why it is eminent that you eliminate it as soon as possible – you could be a victim of identity theft. Any business transactions done online are potentially dangerous because your passwords, account numbers and credit card numbers could possibly be accessed.

What are the most common symptoms of spyware?

1. Your computer may lock up or “freeze”
2. Slow or sluggish performance
3. Bombarded by pop-up ads
4. Changes in your browser
5. Changes to your home page
6. Blue screen of death

If you have noticed one or more of these signs, you may be at risk. You will probably start noticing a big increase in pop-up ads. Don’t click on them as this could add to your problem.

Recent growth of the internet in the last few years has led to the growth of many other things, including criminal activity. Getting rid of spyware requires software made for this purpose, but there are many fakes – manufactured by these criminals to take your money. You must make sure you have a reliable software program to get rid of spyware.

Some of these rogue anti-spyware programs like FraudTool.win32.Antivirus 2009 will advertise aggressively, alerting you with messages that your security is in danger. They will tell you that your computer is infected with trojans, viruses and other parasites in hopes of making you panic. At that point, they ask you to buy their software to scan your pc and get rid of the threats. Never download these programs – they will take your money and run!

Well then, what should you do to remedy the problem? Find reliable anti-spyware software programs. There are some good ones available, but with most you will need to purchase more than one. This is because there aren’t many software programs that can completely rid your pc of the parasites in one scan. It usually takes two or more to clear your system of all the threats.

Another option is to use Spyzooka. This software has been proven to work in one scan, and is highly recommended by those who have used it. Spyzooka is known for its excellence and is a reliable anti-spyware software solution that will take care of your problem without you having to purchase a second one. Do it right the first time! And avoid fake anti-spyware programs like FraudTool.win32.Antivirus 2009 at all costs.

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