Internet Security Deluxe At Least Has A Different Pop Up

Internet Security Deluxe has managed to make itself seem different than most corrupt security tools.  It looks as though it might be something you would see from something like Windows Defender.  The more unique thing about it, though, is that its message tells you that there is a hacker attack on your computer.

Other than that, Internet Security Deluxe is more or less like all the other corrupt security tools.  It only exists to rip you off.  Of course, it’s relatively new, so that makes it a little harder to kill for some antispyware systems.  It’s less than a year old.

Like I said, beyond the new message, Internet Security Deluxe is pretty much like all the other fraudware programs.  It lives in infected websites, waiting for someone to click a video button.  The video button says that it’s downloading a video codec, but it’s actually a Trojan Downloader spyware, most likely Zlob or Vundo.  This program will actually give you the infection.

From there, Internet Security Deluxe redirects your Web Browser to their website.  Here, you get to see the lovely message that a hacker is trying to get into your computer.  For most people, this is probably a more scary message than being told that they have malware.  It will also tell you that you have to buy the program or a couple of others (which are really the same thing) to kick out the hacker.

Of course, there probably isn’t a hacker trying to break into your computer.  It’s only Internet Security Deluxe’s scare tactic.  Most home users don’t have information that a hacker would be interested in, and most security suites are too much trouble for what they would expect to get.  Besides, apart from a truly high class system, there is only one sure way to kick a hacker off of your system.  Turn it off.  It effectively breaks the connection, and they know that they’ve been spotted.

You certainly don’t need to buy Internet Security Deluxe for this purpose.  First of all, it doesn’t work.  It was never meant to work.  Its only purpose is to steal your money.  Whoever is using it can take just the asking price, or they can possibly take all of your money.  It’s not a risk you want to take.

What you do get with Internet Security Deluxe is the same thing as with any other rogue security software.  You get a bundle of spyware for all your trouble.  Since this is a new program, it’s essential to be selective about whom you buy your antispyware program from.

The reason you have to be selective is that not all antispyware programs are as good as any other.  The price tag isn’t even an indication of quality.  They’re all going to say that they’re the best, or number one or something like that.  Sort them by their industry reviews and guarantees.  The best you can look for is a 100% removal guarantee.  Give that a shot.

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