IPSysDrv32 Spyware Profile

IPSysDrv32 is a normal adware program with spyware capabilities.  It was first discovered in July of 2003.  It is typically delivered on your computer by ActiveX enabled drive-by downloads and is sometimes bundled with freeware from P2P file sharing groups.

For the most part, IPSysDrv32 acts like a normal adware pop-up generator.  It delivers pornographic ads without consideration of browsing history.  However, it also logs keyboard activity and can take screen shots of your monitor.  It delivers this information to a remote server for unknown purposes.

Also Known As:
BHO.IPSysDrv32, IPSysDrv32.BHO,
BHO/IPSysDrv32, IPSysDrv32.dll

Associated Files:
{13F90341-AD79-4A9F-9B57-0234675670D6} (appears under 4 different registry folders)

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