Jient trading – Run From This One Fast!

Jient Trading is a very prolific rogue antispyware program that is permeating the internet these days. It will come up in many searches for benevolent software, and when you go to the pages it provides, it is little more than a page stuffed with keywords it hopes to rank for. It makes little sense, but their aim is to get you to click on the big banner that offers a free scan of your computer to deal with all the spyware it says are likely resident there. If you click on that, or if it comes via a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, either way it will install itself without any permission and start what it calls a “scan” of your computer. In minutes it comes up with a list of what it has “found”, which is a list of non-existent “threats” that Jient Trading informs you that you  need to deal with immediately!

We all want to get rid of spyware but in this case it’s Jient Trading that we need to dispose of! You’ll want to do this before you fall for the con of buying its “fix”, a non-existent fix for a non-existent problem. Jient Trading is your main problem, and especially if it is allowed to download more of its more malicious friends onto your machine, some of which are supremely more dangerous than Jient Trading, and can bring your computer and possibly your financial life to a standstill.

Don’t try and remove Jient Trading by yourself, as you will only meet with certain failure. Jient Trading and most of the others like it are quite good at secluding themselves deep within the recesses of your computer, and despite all your best efforts, you will not succeed in getting all the copies of Jient Trading, which will then put you back at square one.

Clearly the most sure way of disposing of Jient Trading and all its friends is to employ a proven antispyware software solution, and the best one I know of is called ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee and will have your machine free from Jient Trading very quickly!

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