Let ZookaWare PC Cleaner Fight off Netcom3Cleaner

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is a great antispyware program because it helps to keep invaders away from your computer. In this day and age of internet downloads there are so many ways for malicious software to find their way onto your computer. Once on your computer they have the ability to monitor every move you make, including capturing your credit card information and passwords. Programs like netcom3cleaner will take this data and then sell it to hackers who will use it for identity theft. So now, not only do you have to worry about your computer being invaded, but you also have to deal with the repercussions of what the identity theft will do to your credit score.

If netcom3cleaner is in fact on your computer you will know due to the numerous popups telling you to download netcom3cleaner. It claims to clean your computer of registry errors but unfortunately it does much more than that. With the help of a Trojan you don’t even have to manually install it, it could have silently been downloaded onto your computer as you are downloading another piece of free software off of the internet.

If you think that netcom3cleaner is installed on your computer you can attempt to manually remove it. The best thing to do is to first go to Add/Remove Programs and remove it from there. Some files may be missed during that removal so you may want to follow the manual steps below also.

  1. Go to Start –> Search –> All file or folders.
  2. Find the following files and delete them:
    %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Netcom3 Cleaner
    %ProgramFiles%\Netcom3 Cleaner
  3. Go to Task Manager through Ctrl+Alt+Del and search for “Netcom3 Cleaner” under Image Name.
  4. Click on the Image and click “End Process”
  5. Remove the following Netcom3 Cleaner process files:
  6. Open the Registry Editor through Start –> Run –> type cmd and then press “OK”
  7. Type in “dir /A name_of_the_folder” (for example, C:\Spyware-folder), which will display the folder’s content even the hidden files.
  8. To change directory, type in “cd name_of_the_folder”.
  9. Once you have the file you’re looking for type in “del name_of_the_file”.
  10. To delete a file in folder, type in “del name_of_the_file”.
  11. To delete the entire folder, type in “rmdir /S name_of_the_folder”.
  12. Select the “Netcom3 Cleaner” process and click on the “End Process” button to kill it.
  13. Remove the “Netcom3 Cleaner” processes files:

Uninstall Netcom3 Cleaner.lnk
Netcom3 Cleaner.lnk

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is your best bet to remove netcom3cleaner because you can trust that they will do it correctly and they will prevent it from every coming back. They have a great reputation for their quality and ability to remove almost any type of spyware that could find its way onto your computer. In addition, not many other companies will have dedicated programmers who will work on removing any program that was not detected through their software. They guarantee that within 24 hours they will send you an update that will clean your computer of the program not found automatically.

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