LinkGrabber99 Harms Your Browser—What to Do

LinkGrabber99 falsely posits itself as an aid to your web browsing.  Not only is it a hindrance to easy web surfing, it can actually endanger your computer!

The program presents itself as something that can help improve functionality on your Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator web browser.  In actuality, it is just an aid for people who want to deliver pop-up ads for their profit and your inconvenience.

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) can also give malicious programs and individuals a door to your system that they might not otherwise have.

LinkGrabber99 has been reported as associated with iTimeSquare and

Relative File Contents:

The LinkGrabber99 software will install itself in the Program Files main directory, and will usually include these directory paths and filenames:

\NetJumper\Linkgrabber99\TSimages\*.jpg (advertisement image files)
\NetJumper\Linkgrabber99\TSdata\*.* (program data)
\NetJumper\Linkgrabber99\LG99help\*.htm (help files)

It will also include linkgrabber99.exe, under the same directory path.

While it is possible to hunt down and delete these files and directories yourself, keep in mind that many kinds of malicious software hide copies of themselves in other directories so that they can re-spawn when the “originals” are deleted.

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