Win32.Mamon is a persistent backdoor Trojan that is written in Delphi.  It is compressed with UPX.
With a file size of 502,805 bytes, this nasty little pest will not relent when it comes to causing problems for your PC.

Entering under false pretenses, Win32.Mamon will open a random port and wait to hear word from its hacker as to what to proceed with next.  It was first detected on November 01, 2005 and is still causing problems for computer users presently.  It will be continue to be a nuisance until it is swiftly removed.

The following fingerprints will be left by Win32.Mamon: 0b9fa38ffba6118e…, abaa25ea10e5e965…, dc47290aa7a9f67d…


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Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

If you are interested in manual removal, be sure that you have the required experience for the task, as manual removal can be detrimental to your PC if not done properly.  You must first enable Task Manager and then identify the running processes.  These processes must be stopped.  Then search for any remaining files and delete them.  Because of Win32.Mamon’s persistent nature, this may or may not be effective.

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