MultiMPP Information

MultiMpp is a browser helper object; a variant of the Transponder family.  MultiMPP delivered targeted advertisements based on your browsing history from information gathered and sent to their main servers.

After installing the multimpp.dll file, you will begin to notice these pop-up advertisements on your desktop even if you don’t visit a site.  The vendor,, states that they are a software development company that has developed a series of ad targeting applications that help advertisers deliver targeted ads.  They go on to mention that they provide certain support services to the distributors of their software.

If you are searching for MultiMPP in your system folder, it will more than likely show up in c:/windows/system or c:\windows\system32\MultiMPP.dll.

It is important to make mention of the fact that many files within your system folders will appear similar, making it difficult to detect specific files.  You can easily view your Task Manager to see which processes are running by using Ctrl-Alt-Del.  This will show you all active tasks on your computer that are running.

Because many spyware creators make an attempt to hide their files, if you do not have at least intermediate computer skills, it is not recommended that you attempt to remove this spyware on your own.

Don’t be alarmed; you don’t have to spend a ton of money to remove the problem, and you don’t even have to send your PC to the shop for repairs.  You can remove MultiMPP with ZookaWare PC Cleaner spyware removal software.  For less than the cost of dinner at a local restaurant, you can be rid of spyware in three easy steps.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner has an iron-clad guarantee that if they cannot remove ALL spyware, malware, and other malicious threats on your PC, it will cost you absolutely nothing.  You won’t find that deal anyplace else on the ‘Net.

Also Known As:

Twain-Tech adware,
Win32/Spy.BiSpy.C trojan


Relative file contents:


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