Ormond Systems Limited Is Simply Up To No Good

You are on your computer, minding your own business, when you get a security alert from Ormond Systems Limited.  When we see an alert that our computer is in danger, most of us tend to believe that if we are getting this alert that something must really be wrong.  However, these days, this is exactly what Internet scam artists are counting on and using against us.

Ormond Systems Limited is a rogue anti-spyware program that will pretend to be able to scan and remove malicious software (malware) for you.  However, this program cannot scan or remove any kinds of software.  Ormond Systems Limited is in existence for one reason only:  To steal your money, and possibly your identity, for their own profit.

So, when you get a security alert from Ormond Systems Limited you will need to contact an expert immediately to get the malware off of your hard drive.  Once you get a security pop-up, you have already downloaded the malware infection onto your computer.

The way this all works is simple once you hear the truth.  Ormond Systems Limited will download itself onto your computer without your knowledge.  This download may take place when you visit a sketchy website that allows for an automatic download, a download that came in an e-mail, or with a free download of something else that you got online.  Any way about it, you will notice that you have Ormond Systems Limited once this security pop-up shows up.

The pop-up will alert you that you need to scan your computer for corrupted files and urge you that this must be done immediately.  Once you perform the scan, the results will always showcase a long list of corrupted files.  These files are usually just your temporary files and are just fine, but Ormond Systems Limited would like you to think that they are dangerous.  This is because it now wants to offer you the chance to purchase the full version of their software to remove these “corrupted” files.  We already know that this program cannot really scan or remove any types of files, so your money is just being donated to them.

The biggest problem you have here, though, is that Ormond Systems Limited has the ability to record you key strokes, stealing your credit card information and any other personal information that you probably do not want them to have.  These programs are looking to make some serious cash off of computer users and will try to get it any way they can.

So, you see now why you must get rid of Ormond Systems Limited as soon as possible.  Your identity and hard earned money is at stake here!

However, it is too difficult to get rid of yourself.  Malware like this likes to hide in your operating system.  Experts are more familiar with the tricks and can be more effective in clearing every single last file.  The company ZookaWare PC Cleaner offers a 100% guarantee on their services.  With over 20,000 computer system restorations, you can be confident that the people at ZookaWare PC Cleaner know what they are doing.  Turn Ormond Systems Limited over to them and stop worrying!

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