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P2P or Peer to Peer software allows users to download free software.  This can be movies, music, computer programs, even crack codes for bootlegged software.  This may sound great (FREE downloads!), but sometimes it comes with a price, especially when the software is attached to spyware, malware, or other malicious software.
Many times advertisement companies use Trojan droppers to drop their spyware or adware, or downloaders in order to gain access to your computer.  A Trojan dropper is a Trojan horse that drops Trojan horses or back door Trojans onto your PC.  Trojan droppers are similar to installers, but can cause a bit more damage.

TrojanDropper was designed to infiltrate your computer and open the door for other adware to make its way in.  It does this by creating a security hole that threatens not only the stability of your PC, but also your stored personal information.  In addition, Trojan Dropper will created a significant number of pop-up advertisements. “Joiner” programs are usually responsible for creating Trojan Droppers, and allow these programs to customize themselves to add whatever files they want into the package.

A Trojan Dropper is normally a standalone program, but sometimes it contains a file with other malicious components, and when the file is extracted, there’s no telling what is running around inside your PC. Many times these files are disguised as harmless multimedia files or software.
P2P software is a great way to share files, but one should be careful what they are downloading.  It’s not only because of copyright infringement laws; they may allow spyware onto their computer.  If you’ve visited a P2P site lately and now your computer is doing strange things, you may want to run the free ZookaWare PC Cleaner scan to determine if you have infected your computer.  It only takes a few minutes, and you will know if you need to remove any malicious threats before a significant amount of damage is done.   Don’t chance ruining your PC, scan your PC now.

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