Perl.Anarchy is a backdoor Trojan. Of all the spyware, backdoor Trojans are among the most dangerous. Backdoor Trojans give an attacker complete access to infected computers via the Internet or LAN. Once infected, an attacker can take screenshots, intercept e-mail, steal passwords, log keystrokes, install more malware, and shut down programs. Basically, the attacker has free reign over infected computers.

Detecting backdoor Trojans can be difficult as they often hide their presence. Fortunately, ZookaWare PC Cleaner can detect 100% of spyware. Click below to see if your computer is infected with spyware. The scan is free.

[Eset] Perl/Anarchy trojan
[Computer Associates] Backdoor/Perl.Anarchy

Related Files
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Manual Removal Instructions:
In order to remove Perl.Anarchy, you will need to run the free spyware scan. Next, you will want to stop all processes related to Perl.Anarchy. After that you need to delete all files and registry values associated with Perl.Anarchy. WARNING: If you delete the wrong registry file, you can damage your computer.

Software Removal Instructions:
After running the spyware scan, click “Take Action.” ZookaWare PC Cleaner will remove the Perl.Anarchy and all other spyware from your computer guaranteed.

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