Personalantispyfree has more than hidden costs

Rogue antispyware is running a reign of terror on the Internet. It attacks without warning. It follows through without mercy. It will keep taking from you until you get rid of it. It starts off seeming to be a helpful program. It may even say that it’s free. Personalantispyfree is only one of many programs that are like this. It has hidden costs beyond your wildest dreams. What’s worse about this corrupt program is you don’t even get any fine print.

Rogue security tools lurk in two types of place, just waiting for the unwitting user. They wait at infected websites, and in infected downloads. Unfortunately for many users, unless they have a great antispyware suite, there really is no way of telling if a given site or download is going to be infected.

There are some browsing habits that can be avoided to minimize your risk, but you can still get caught. For one thing, infected sites usually will involve pornography, casinos or “online drug sales.” Chances are, if your parents wouldn’t approve, website infections are using it.

However, they also have antispyware home pages, which also are infected. Quite often, an infection at one place will lead to the other. In either case, the fake will be hard to tell apart from the real. Both real and fake antispyware home pages will have buttons for free online scans and free trial versions.

The other method of transmission is by downloading pirated software, often at peer to peer file sharing communities. This practice is all around best avoided for everyone. First of all, it’s illegal. You run the risk of a visit from the FBI, and you may very well go to prison. Second of all, pirated software has always had the risk of infections from viruses, worms and spyware. Free software is not worth it!

Let’s say you got infected by this corrupt program. The first thing you’ll see is a pop up that finds supposed “infected files” on your computer. Free of charge, right?

After that, however, it will say that it can clean the infected files off of your computer if you pay something like $70 for the full version of their software. Just so you know the files that it’s saying are infected are actually your temporary files, which your computer is already equipped to get rid of.

For argument sake, let’s say you buy the program. Now you’re stuck with the spyware this program put on your computer, plus all the spyware that the Zlob downloader is adding to your system. Plus a now gigantic credit card bill. Did you really think that a corrupt program was just going to charge you what they asked for?

ZookaWare PC Cleaner has this program in its sites. With our rapid updating thanks to our resident Internet scanner, no spyware is safe from ZookaWare PC Cleaner. We have the 100% guarantee because within minutes of a spyware’s release, we have a fix. When the smoke clears, ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the winner.

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