Remove Maxifiles Adware and Toolbar

Maxifiles will display pop-up ads on your computer and often installs itself in a toolbar on your browser.  It will also hijack your browser.

Have you entered a search term in Google, only to be mysteriously redirected to another search engine’s results page?  If that other search engine was Maxifind, then it is almost certain your computer is infected with Maxifiles.

This program will often install itself without user knowledge or consent.  It often comes bundled with other adware, sometimes from Internet pornography sites.  While finding Maxifiles on your computer is no guarantee that anyone has been using it to visit such sites, you may end up with some fairly embarrassing pop-up ads on your computer.

The files listed below will need to be deleted in order to get rid of Maxifiles.  Keep in mind that, since it often comes in a bundle with other malicious programs, you should run a full check of your system with a spyware-killer like ZookaWare PC Cleaner in order to ensure you don’t have to deal with any browser hijacks or embarrassing pop-ups.

Maxifiles file contents:

These two directories:
Maxifiles (including Maxifiles\cache)

These files:

%profiledir%\Application Data\maximpic.exe

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