Remove Windows Protection Suite

Windows Protection Suite is a rogue antispyware program designed to look like an authentic spyware removal tool. Aggressive and misleading security warnings are displayed to the user in an effort to convince them that there are security threats on their PC, and that they should purchase the full product as a solution. Windows Protection Suite may block virus protection, modify system files, place additional malware on your computer and affect system performance. It is dangerous, and can access private information as well.

WindowsProtection Suite,

Manual Removal:
Manual removal of Windows Protection Suite requires killing all associated running processes, then detecting all related files and values in the Windows registry so that they may be deleted.
This is a difficult task, and may cause damage to your computer if you are unexperienced in these processes. To remove Windows Protection Suite automatically, it is advised that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which is designed for this purpose.

Related Files:
WI345d.exe CLSV.exe snl2w.exe std.exe WindowsProtectionSuite.exe WI345d.exe ppal.exe
tempdoc.dll energy.dll mozcrt19.dll sqlite3.dll cid.dll CLSV.dll ddv.dll tempdoc.dll
WINPS.ico working.log winps.cfg cookies.sqlite Instructions.ini cb.sys cid.tmp
CLSV.tmp DBOLE.sys

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  1. Alexander Bryant says:

    A real life saver for me on my Vista Ultimate system. Quick scans and quick to load. SpyZooka removed Windows Protection Suite
    in a minute!!

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