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Anybody who has any experience with computers has certainly heard of the threat which is posed by viruses.  People have been creating harmful viruses since the inception of computers, and likewise, there are those helpful folk who have been continuously developing ways to combat them.  One question that arises is, why do people create viruses in the first place?  As with many things in life, money is often a motivating factor.  SystemSecurity is a perfect example of this.  SystemSecurity is a virus which attacks people’s computers while posing as antispyware software.

Here is the gist of how fake antispyware software works:  The software, such as SystemSecurity, breaks into a computer through what is termed a Trojan virus.  Then, the software tells you that your computer is infected with serious threats of other viruses that will cause harm to your system unless you remove them at once.  The software claims that the only way to remove these threats is to install the recommended software – SystemSecurity – which promises to eliminate the hazards.  So basically, SystemSecurity pretends like it is protecting your computer when in reality it is trying to rob you blind.

This leaves you with only a few options. First off, you can follow the instructions given by SystemSecurity and pay to have a virus removed that doesn’t even exist– but knowing that this is a scam, this would be quite foolish.  Secondly, you could do nothing and ignore the SystemSecurity warnings.  The problem with this is that SystemSecurity pop ups are continuous and extremely annoying.  Not only are they distracting, but they actually have the capacity to slow down your machine.  This leads us to the third option, which is to have SystemSecurity removed from your computer.  This is the only logical option of the three, as it will restore your computer to normal functioning without requiring you to pay a fee to the very scam artist who caused your problem to begin with.

SystemSecurity has several negative effects on a computer, all of which are extremely annoying.  First off, as mentioned above, SystemSecurity creates a slew of unwanted pop ups, which we all know can be a tremendous headache.  Secondly, SystemSecurity causes your computer to slow down significantly – this applies in all areas of your computer’s functioning, including rebooting, searching and even internet function.  Also, SystemSecurity can add new desktop shortcuts and even change your internet home page to an unwanted site.  All in all, there is just no way around the inconveniences that SystemSecurity creates.

So the biggest question here, is how do you get rid of SystemSecurity once it has infected your computer?  You do have several options available, but only one option is 100 percent guaranteed to fully remove SystemSecurity as well as any other virus or spyware from your system, and that is the software I developed termed “Spyzooka.” Spyzooka is not only guaranteed to remove all malware such as SystemSecurity, but it is cost efficient and simple to install as well.  To learn more about the Spyzooka guarantee, visit

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