Secureexpertcleaner—Not Secure, Not Expert, and Definitely Not Clean

Secureexpertcleaner is a fairly new release in the family of rogue antispyware. It’s a form of malware, or internet parasite that pretends to be a helpful program, antispyware to be precise. As it turns out, it’s anything but helpful, and is, in fact, out to exploit you.

There are some things people do on the Internet that puts them right in harm’s way. Chances are, if you’re reading this, we’re not related, so I won’t go into a morality lecture of what’s “wrong” to do on the Internet. However, most of the things a parent wouldn’t approve of their children doing online come with a high level of danger. There’s almost a kind of poetic justice that people who do exploitative things on the Internet are typically the targets of this kind of exploitation.

Secureexpertcleaner is usually transmitted while downloading media files from an unsecure source. That is to say, that if you are involved with peer to peer (P2P) file sharing, or if you download pirated media, such as videos or music, you are in risk of getting bullied by this rogue.

Here’s the situation. Let’s say that you just downloaded the latest hit movie from a pirate website. Someone on the other end just happened to decide to basically mug you online, so they included this bug with the files you were downloading.

Once the download is complete, the first thing you see is a warning screen popping up, counting what it claims are spyware programs on your computer. The number of files it shows is incredible…apparently you have HUNDREDS of spyware files on your computer.

Now, the warning screen says that it can get rid of these files, if you buy the premium version of the software. It asks for your credit card number, and it won’t let you get away from this screen. There is no opt out shown here. ARRG…Give up the booty, bucko, or ye’ll sleep in Davey Jones’ locker…

Of course, the last thing you want to do is give up the credit card number. They may take more than they asked. You’ll get a worthless program in the bargain, which will add more malware. You can always just turn your computer off so you get a real antispyware program.

Your first clue that something was wrong should have been that you were trying to be a pirate. Then the swindle was on you. Your next clue was that you didn’t launch any antispyware programs, did you? Finally, why would anything that you already have want more money? A pirate’s life ain’t no life for me…

I created ZookaWare PC Cleaner just for programs like this. Rogue antispyware is probably the most sneaky parasite out there. But we have them beat. If it has come out, chances are we found a fix within minutes of its launch. We keep our eyes on the net for these rogues. That’s how we keep our 100% removal guarantee. Also, with SpyGuard, our protection service, you may never see these pirates off your starboard bow.

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