SecurityIGuard – Security In Name Only!

SecurityIGuard is one of those rogue antispyware programs that try and get you to believe that your computer is practically rife with all sorts of virus and spyware infections, and then proceed to get you to buy their software solution, which they say will rid of these kinds of computer ills quickly and easily. The truth of the matter is, however, that you do have a problem with spyware and adware, but likely not viruses, at least not yet.

Programs like SecurityIGuard and other others prey on less than savvy computer users who are only trying to keep their computers clean from infections and their information safe. What they don’t realize is that SecurityIGuard is part of the problem, not the solution!

SecurityIGuard probably arrived via a Trojan such as Vundo, or Zlob, or possibly a suspect video codec file download, or an ActiveX driveby. However it came upon the scene, what’s important is that it be made to leave! SecurityIGuard by itself isn’t so much the worry: it’s the neighborhood it creates. It opens the doors to your machine to all sorts of more harmful spyware and adware, which can take a real toll on your personal information.

These applications can mine your computer for all your sensitive data, and send it God knows where!
Attempting to try and deal with this kind of infestation by yourself is no answer either; you will most certainly miss some files and it will be as though you did nothing. You’ll be back at square one with an even sicker computer.

The best way to get rid of SecurityIGuard and others like it is to employ the services of a legitimate antispyware software solution. The best one I know if is ZookaWare PC Cleaner, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, promising to get you back surfing safely in no time!

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