Win32.Servudoor Trojan

Unintentionally installing Win32.Servudoor is the typical mode of circulation for this backdoor pest.  Win32.Servudoor is found bundled with that is downloaded via shareware or freeware sites.  Once this nuisance has gained entry it will open a port (hence its name “backdoor”) and allow a third party to enter.  It will also have the capability of sending and receiving e-mails, changing or deleting files, launching applications and so on.  Having the run of your PC is precisely what this malware is looking for.


Related Files:


Recommended Action:

Remove at once.

Removing Win32.Servudoor manually takes a certain amount of tech savvy.  If you are comfortable and knowledgeable about how this program works then do the following:

Kill this process:

Then remove this file:
info.exe, lol.bat.

Many people are unfamiliar with manual removal.  It does have inherent risk.  One false move can render your PC useless.  To save your time and sanity, you can try ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is not only an award-winning anti-spyware application; it is the only program in the business that offers a 100% guarantee on spyware removal. Now, THAT is something you can count on.

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  1. Harry Elmos says:

    I was searching for a program to remove Win32.Servudoor on both my desktop and my laptop. I found this one and it works excellent! All my friend will be informed about SpyZooka. Is just great!

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