Spyware and Antivirus XP Pro – Good Solution?

For all of you who know what spyware is, this article will explain what you can do to eliminate it. For those of you who don’t, read on to learn what it is, what it does and what you should do it you learn you have it. Spyware is nasty, and you don’t want it. Anti-spyware is what you use to get rid of it, and Antivirus XP Pro is another thing you don’t want. It’s a hoax.

For those who do not know what spyware is – it is software that installs itself on your pc unbeknownst to you. It tracks what you do online, the websites you visit, what information you surf for. It is often picked up while surfing and downloading files on the internet. How will you know you do have it? If you start noticing things like a slowing of your computer, aggressive pop-up ads and freezing of your windows, you may have it. Other signs of spyware are a changing home page or a new toolbar in your browser that wasn’t there before.

What can spyware do? Not only can it cause problems on your pc, it can cause personal security problems. These software programs collect your personal information such as passwords and business account numbers, usually without your consent. If you are infected, it can be dangerous even using your credit card for online purchases. It can also change the configuration of your computer, and make it difficult to fix it back the way it was. This is why it is suggested that you get rid of it – fast.

Anti-spyware software is made to remedy this problem. This in itself is a problem – there are so many rogue software programs out there, ready to trick you and take your money. Antivirus XP Pro is one such program. It aggressively attempts to convince you that your computer is infected with viruses, your security is threatened, etc. This rogue software then offers to scan your computer to rid it of these parasites, for a price. Often these warnings are fake and there aren’t any security problems. They just want you to buy their software. Don’t spend your money on a hoax like this.

What is the answer? Search for reliable anti-spyware software. While you will find some good ones, often you must purchase more than one to clear up your pc. This is because the first software will usually get rid of about 60 to 90%, and it will require additional software to clear up the rest of the parasites. This can get rather costly!

The best solution is to use the only anti-spyware software that is guaranteed to work the first time. Spyzooka is rated as the most excellent software you can buy to eliminate spyware. There is simply no other product like it of its kind. If you want to be sure that your pc and personal security are totally safe, this is the only way to go. Antivirus XP Pro? Don’t think so.

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