Spyware Profile for AproposMedia.ContextPlus

AproposMedia.ContextPlus is one of the hijacker programs which can redirect Internet searches, as well as altering home pages and the selected default web browser of a computer.  It is often unintentionally installed on a computer as part of a freeware installation, bundled together with other undesired products.  AproposMedia.ContextPlus also brings undesired pop-up advertisements to the computer.
AproposMedia.ContextPlus is able to remain hidden from view as an application, like other hijackers, but it is especially insidious because it can utilize rootkit technology to actively hide from the user and even escape detection by some anti-malware programs.  Removal of AproposMedia.ContextPlus is strongly recommended.  Spyzooka antispyware is one reliable option for the detection and removal of this sneaky hijacker.

Also Known As:
AproposMediaContextPlus, Apropos Media Context Plus,
Apropos MediaContext Plus, Apropos.MediaContextPlus,

Associated Files:
ace.dll, activeinstall2.dll, adphe220.exe, ai_loader.exe, apropos.exe, aproposclientinstaller.exe, aproposplugin.dll

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