Spyware Profile for C2.Lop

If you still have dial-up, C2 lop Dialer is not your friend.  This program will secretly change your dialup connection setting without your knowledge and even without the permission of the end user. Instead of calling your local Internet provider, C2 lop will hijack your PC to route calls to an expensive 0900 or even an international phone number. Consequently, the user will may get extremely high phone bills for international and other calls that he/she did not even make.
Once C2 Lop is installed, the user will be asked to install a high speed access tool.  This is, in fact, however a porn service dialer.
Remove this junk software from your computer immediately with Spyzooka.

Associated Files:
1111.exe, 18d188cb.exe,
18da40cd.exe, 194314a6.exe,
2443.exe, 9kgen_up.exe,
addyt.exe, amen poke.exe,
aowhih.exe, Audio_Phone_Cash.exe,
bash bags dash.exe, bike option.exe,
bindantidashfirst.exe, bis7.exe,
burn two.exe, camp lite file joy.exe

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  1. Max Brown says:

    I have used too many antivirus programs but SpyZooka detected C2.Lop that other av dont detect. Very friendly use. Really good software!

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